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Hypnosis for Neatness & Organization

Hypnosis Can Halt the Horrible Habit
of Messiness and Disorganization

How many times have you gone out and bought something that you already had, but couldn’t find, only to find it later simply because you were so disorganized? Is there a gene for being disorganized that some people are born with? Is part of the population doomed to being “clutterers” and “pilers”?

Nobody is born disorganized. Chances are that if your mother was disorganized then the trait was passed along to you. Clearly if you're
an unbelievable packrat or if you're
schizophrenic, that's a mental illness
issue and beyond the scope of this CD program.

It is commonly believed that the way you handle your household affairs is most likely the same method you bring to work and society in general.

Terri Emmett of The Organizer’s Club says, “Those who have little respect for their own possessions and authority at home usually have even less regard for the possessions or authority of others.”  

According to Emmett,” there is a profound psychological thread that binds all areas of your existence into one distinctive unit. A messy house trashed with useless clutter is an abstract representation of many lives that are also muddled with unnecessary debris that needs to be regrouped, set aside, hidden out of sight or, better yet, disposed of completely.”

“In contrast,” Terry says, “a well kept home and yard tend to indicate a well-ordered existence in every area of one’s life, whether it is financial, emotional or physical.”

Professional Organizer, Carol Halsey, says, “Organized people are in control of their lives. Successful executives are incredibly organized. Although they have tremendous responsibilities, they measure their success by how many hours they have to do what they really want, such as time for their family, hobbies and personal pursuits, after they have taken care of business. They have mastered the techniques that simplify their lives and make their work more efficient.”

Being organized can reduce stress and make it easier to get things done. It is so much more soothing to work in a clean uncluttered environment. This alone can give you more energy and focus to work efficiently without the distraction of clutter all around reminding you of all the other things that also need attention.

Organized people are more productive. They don’t waste a lot of time looking for phone numbers or notes scribbled on scraps of paper or the lunch napkin.  The Wall Street Journal did a survey and found that the average white collar worker wastes 6 weeks a year looking for things. That’s a huge waste of time and money.

Productivity Coach Lorraine Pirihi says whether you like it or not, people will judge you on your clutter. “A messy environment gives the impression that you are out of control, even if you believe you’ve got a handle on things.”

Wasted thoughts, wasted energy and wasted time all add up to wasted money. But being unorganized is not a disease. It’s a decision. You can also make a decision to become more organized.

So how do you do that if you weren’t lucky enough to have an organized mother to set a good example? Terri Emmett has the answer: “Organization is having a system for everything. By utilizing these systems, or routines, you manage to run a household; you manage to be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.

You manage to do everything that needs to be done and you manage to find the time to do the things you enjoy. The only way you can manage to do it all these days is if you are organized. Of course, that means having a system.”

Neat does not necessarily mean organized.  An effective system means that you can find something when you need it. Go ahead and be creative and inventive with your system and so it fits your style. The key is to be self-disciplined to apply the system that works for you and practice it. It will become easier with repetition. Soon it will be a simple as brushing your teeth!

This is where hypnosis can be a tremendous help to you. By changing your self image from “I’m a slob”, “I can’t seem to get anything done”  to “ I am organized”, “I have a place for everything”,  “I always finish what I begin”, you can program yourself to be more self-disciplined and balanced in all aspects of your life--from managing your household, managing relationships and finances--to on the job and free time. You will feel so much better and more productive living in a clean and orderly environment.

So rid yourself of the mess so you can make room for more success.

Unorganized clutter in one’s life can cause a feeling of unbalance and being overwhelmed. If you do get a burst of energy and try to fix everything all at once you may start rushing back and forth from one job to the next, losing focus and never completing any one job.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Here are just a few tips to help you get organized:

  1. Prioritize with a “To-Do List”
  2. Schedule time for yourself and plan your day in an appointment book
  3. Set up files for bills to be paid, active files, easily accessed on your desk and file away paperwork you no longer need to refer to but need to keep.
  4. Categorize files by subject: home, kids, insurance, warrantees etc.
  5. Take a course on time management.
  6. Get help: Listen to "Hypnosis for Neatness & Organization" for 21 to 30 days to reprogram your mind.

You were not born disorganized.

This behavior had an origin at some point in your life. Just as every habit we have, whether it is the habit of tying our shoes, writing our name or driving an automobile, we have to learn it with our conscious mind before it can become subconscious or automatic.

In other words, you learned to be disorganized. Any learned habit can be extinguished and replaced with a more appropriate habit.
Our "Hypnosis for Neatness & Organization" CD program will help you focus on the task at hand with a sense of confidence and give you the ability to complete it in a timely manner. Hypnosis can help you to put your life in order as you confidently take charge and organize your clutter and confusion into harmony and balance.

Eliminate the guilt and uneasiness of avoidance and replace them with pride and a sense of accomplishment.  Hypnosis can change the way to think about the job at hand. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the task, you will be able to break it down into smaller more manageable steps.

Hypnosis can help you find the 'sweet spot' between messiness and order so you have a perfect balance in your life

Imagine the gratification you’ll feel upon completion when you can relax with a clear conscience. Are you ready to change your life? Listen once a day for 21 to 30 days and you’ll be a new person.

You’ll get things done in priority. You won’t get everything organized. No one can. But you’ll get done what needs to be accomplished so you can have that satisfied feeling at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow that you’ve accomplished the important things.

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